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We offer standard off the shelf models and turn key water treatment solutions.

Solutions for:

  • Rain water harvesting for potable water  
  • River water and dam water filtration for potable drinking water
  • Town water purification for boiler feed water, food processing, pharmaceuticals
  • Spring water filtration and disinfection for bottled water 
  • Bore water desalination for mining and remote community water supplies
  • Sea water desalination for remote community potable water
  • Process water recycling for Class A recycled water
  • Grey water recycling for Class A water

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Our advanced water treatment equipment includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis systems for removing salts and chemicals  
  • Microfiltration systems for removing particles and micro-organisms
  • Ultrafiltration systems for removing particles, micro-organisms and large organic compounds
  • Ultraviolet light for disinfection and TOC reduction
  • Ozone generators for disinfection and TOC reduction
  • Electrodeionisation systems for generating ultrapure water 
Click this link for Reverse Osmosis Theory
The success of these advanced water treatment systems depends on choosing the correct pre-treatment and post-treatment technology for your application. Click this link to see our Water Treatment Guide

We can design and supply pretreatment and postreatment equipment to complete a turn key solution to your requirements.

Water FilterPretreatment and post-treatment equipment may include:
  • Multimedia filters
  • Water softeners
  • Carbon filters
  • Chlorine dosing
  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Ozone injection
  • pH adjustment

Water Treatment
All our equipment and turn key water treatment systems are supported by our factory in Sydney, Australia. Systems are designed and manufactured to comply with all current Australian Standards. Our manuals provide detailed descriptions of operating and maintenance procedures. Factory trained service technicians are available to install, commission and maintain your system. In addition, we stock all the necessary spare parts to ensure that your equipment is always operative.

Industries using our water treatment solutions include agriculture, aquaculture, aquatic pools, beverage, bottled water, car wash, chemical, electronics, food processing, hospitals, hydroponics, laboratories, medical device, mining, pharmaceutical, powder coating and potable water supply.

Infact any application requiring potable drinking water, demineralised, distilled, deionised or ultrapure water may be fulfilled using our water treatment equipment.


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