Sterilisation Systems

UV Water Sterilisation
Chlorine Dosing System
Ozone Sterilisation

Vertex Hydropore specialises in post process water sterilisation for a range of applications across multiple different technologies including Ozone, Chlorine and UV Sterilisation. Each technology has its own unique advantages depending on the application so it’s important to speak with one of our qualified staff to confirm which is right for your project.

Ozone Sterilisation

Ozone is a colourless unstable gas in the form of O3 typically formed from electrical discharges through Oxygen. It has powerful oxidizing properties and a fairly short half life of around 30 minutes, making it highly efficient at sterilising water. A typical Ozone system passes Ozone gas through a venturi system into the stream of water for sterilisation. The gas is generated from the equipment itself via high voltage electricity that is discharged across two terminals in the presence of air, producing the O3 gas.

Ozone Gas from Lightning

Chlorine Sterilisation

Chlorine or Cl2 is often added to water as a sterilant used to kill waterborne bacteria and other microbes. It can be easily introduced at the correct concentration via automated dosing pump and is usually done so after any Reverse Osmosis equipment as the chemical will destroy most RO membranes. Once introduced it will persist within the solution for a long time generating a mild odour or taste. For this reason, it is often overlooked for one of the alternative water sterilising technologies.

Chlorine Gas Sterilisation

Ultra Violet Sterilisation

Ultraviolet light or “UV” as it is most often referred is a form of light naturally generated by the sun but not visible to the human eye. Under the right conditions and in high enough concentration, it is capable of killing bacteria and viruses in water due to the radiating effect of the light. The water passes through a long clear tube that has a stainless steel outer layer for protection. As the water passes through it is exposed to high levels of UV light which typically kills > 99.99% of living organisms.

Ultraviolet Light

The water sterilisation methods mentioned above are usually part of a larger overall water treatment system. Please feel free to contact us regarding any upcoming water purification project. We have a wide variety of experience and expertise and are always happy to discuss.